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Current Books started off as a small bookstore in the year 1952. When DC Kizhakemuri, the founder of the DC Group of Institutions, decided to take over Current Books in 1977, seeing it as the potential outlet for DC Books, there were only six stores in the chain.

Current Books, as the retail outlet of DC Books, soon extended its activities and started new stores all over Kerala. DC publications and books from other major publishers became readily available at every major location in the State. The first ISO certified Publishing House in India, Current Books is among the few retail stores that has the backing of its own publishing house with over 55 years experience in retailing business.




With 42 stores, DC Books now has the largest book retailing space in India- the largest (4000 sq.ft) at Chitoor Road, Ernakulam and the smallest store (200 sq ft) at the Kochi International Airport.

The largest sellers of Malayalam publications in the State, the bookstores deal not only in DC’s own publications but titles spread across all languages and genres including fiction, spirituality, self-help, travel, parenting, world literature, science, home making, academics, arts, translations, children’s literature and so on. Music and multimedia CDs are also made available at some stores and in-house coffee shops lend a special ambiance to the bookstores.

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Karimpanal Statue Avenue,Trivandrum

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