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Noopura Institute Of Indian Classical Dance Academy


“Noopura” came into being on April 14, 1970; the prime motive behind its genesis was the patently noble desire to resuscitate and rejunevenate Mohiniyattom .In the days of its infancy.Dedicated efforts were pursued at state and Central Govt. Levels to encourage this revival process. Consequently, Dept. of culture and Sangita Academy included Mohiniyattam also among the officially recognized dances of India. Reassurance was given about the award of fellowships & scholarships for this dance form. In 1975 the students of “Noopura” started being awarded Govt. of India Scholarships from the Department of Culture.
Annual grant from the Department of Education was requested for and obtained by Noopura solely for the purpose of breathy life into Mohiniyattom at all levels, and for popularizing it. The Universities of Kerala State have included Mohiniyattom in its list of dance items for Youth Festivals.“Noopura” has been a proud ‘alma mater’ for hundreds of students in Mohiniyattom, some of them later made it their profession to impart training to children.





   1. Kathakali
   2. Keralanatanam
   3. Mohiniyattam
   4. Bharathanatyam
   5. Kuchuppudi
   6. Odissi
   7. Kathak

Music (Eastern)

   1. Karnatic Vocal, Hindustani Vocal
   2. Venna
   3. Violin
   4. Mridangam
   5. Tabala Hindustani


   1. A- Amature Class

          B- Special Class

   2. Professional Class

Special class
Special classes can be arranged, on other timings convenient to the students and teachers, for those who seek special attention.

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NOOPURA Institute of Indian Classical Dance

 Poojappura, Trivandrum


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