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Chemmanur Academy And Systems Pvt Limited


A well-known Indian Business Group consisting of a number of registered Companies/Establishments having operations in India and abroad and whose business history is over a century old - ventured into the field of education in the year 2001, resulting in the creation of a new Company called Chemmanur Academy and Systems Private Limited, and a new Trust named Chemmanur EducationalTrust. While Chemmanur Academy handles various job-oriented training, Chemmanur Educational Trust is primarily dealing with formal education through its “Chemmanur Academy of Advanced Studies”, which is an Off-campus Academic Centre of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala. Chemmanur’s commitment to quality in all their products and services as well as their responsiveness to social obligations - both of which are time-tested for over 140 years - make them a reliable party to grow with. To know more about Chemmanur Group of Companies, please visit:


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Chemmanur Academy and Systems Pvt. Ltd.
T.C.No.13/1993(2), 1st Floor
Kannammoola Junction
Kerala - 686 507

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