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In Today's global economy, accounting plays an important role in functioning of any business enterprise. It is important to not only have a good understanding of accounting principles to make a better accounting personnel but one should also have the knowledge of accounting software’s. Financial Accounting Courses are an adaptation of accounting courses with focus on a company’s financial performance and health. Courses in financial accounting are offered by specialized post graduate and management institutes. The concept of financial accounting is principally different form managerial accounting as it is based on GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) while managerial accounting involves studies in corporate finances and financial resources. Financial accounting jobs exist in all commercial and manufacturing enterprises of medium and large scales. A systemized financial accounting is essential for representing the financial health and performance of a company or organization. Though accounting courses are taught at the undergraduate level, financial accounting programs are conducted at the post graduate level. Dedicated institutes have emerged to conduct courses in financial accounting at the post graduate level.

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