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Agriculture is the mainstay of our economy. It provides food to our millions and raw materials for our industries. India also has enormous potential as an exporter of agricultural commodities. The variety of climatic types and natural conditions offer a conducive environment for the cultivation of a large variety of agricultural produce.Work in agricultural sectors ranges from the totally academic pursuits of research and teaching to inspaction and other supervisory work to commercial activities of establishing farms, plantations, orchards and carrying on exports of produce from them.

Agriculture is no longer practised by rule of thumb, instead it has become highly scientific, sophisticated and mechanised and consequently, very profitable too. Horticulture, dairying and poultry farming are allied agricultural activities that have become economically viable opportunities today. The impact of agriculture is not only on the production of food grains, vegetables and fruits, but on so many agriculture dependent industries which get its raw material from agriculture sector. A good monsoon would drive the sensex raging as bull, while floods or other such calamities would bring it to a grinding halt.

Nature Of Work

Following are major career areas in the field of agriculture:

  • Agricultural Research
  • Agri-Business
  • Agro Industry
  • Agricultural Education
  • Agricultural Journalism
  • Services in Agriculture
  • Banking
  • Farming
  • Conservation
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Management
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