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ATMA - AIMS Test for Management Admissions

The members of Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) have for long felt the need for a high quality test, the scores of which can be used in their admission process, as a reliable predictor of academic performance in post-graduate management programmes. In response to this need, AIMS offers the AIMS Test for Management Admissions (ATMA), as a credible, comprehensive and single-window test for admissions to different postgraduate management programmes. The administration and scoring is professionally done, and the results obtained are item-analysed by a faculty team to ensure discriminating validity of the items, and of the test as a whole. This has been an ongoing process over the last six years, so that it can be claimed that the ATMA scores supplied are highly dependable indicators of the candidate’s suitability for management education and career. The candidates will be supplied with the percentile scores in comprehension, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, analysing and synthesizing ability.

ATMA has been approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India for admission on All India Basis to the MBA / PGDM and other Postgraduate Programmes like MCA. The first test was conducted on Sunday, February 20, 2000. and then on January 21, 2001, May 20, 2001, February 10, 2002, February 9, 2003, February 8, 2004, May 23, 2004, February 6, 2005, February 12, 2006, February 11, 2007, February 10, 2008 and February 08, 2009. The next ATMA, the thirteenth in the series will be held on Sunday, February 14, 2010.

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