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Personality Traits

Nanotechnology is not related to the managerial profession but it is related to the research profession. It finds out new structure and studies the new properties of the nano. For the study of Nanotechnology, physical and chemistry background is very necessary. Hard work is very important in this field. Mathematics and computer knowledge is also very important. The knowledge gained from formal and informal sources are added to the potentials.

Placements and Prospects

Nanotechnology application and scope are tremendous. There are very expanding opportunities in this field and this field have rises impact on daily lives. The major application development areas are information technology, medical and pharmaceuticals, electronics, energy chemicals, magnetics and optoelectronics, textiles and advanced materials.The professional in this technology can work in fields of nano-medicine, stem cell development, bio-informatics, nano toxicology, pharmaceutical companies, and the nano power generating sectors.

The work related to this field is given below:

  • Health Industry
  • Environment Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Food and Beverages
  • Product development and advising
  • Space Research
  • Genetics
  • Academic and Teaching
  • Bio-Technology
  • R & D in government, universities and private research institutes
  • Forensic science & many other new industries emerging as a result of advances in nanotechnology
  • Communication & Media
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