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Environmental science is a broad term, incorporating various different activites. In can be applied in the following fields:
·    Industry
·    Research and Development
·    Social Development
·    Environmental Journalism
·    Environmental Modelling

Work of Environmental Scientist
An environmental scientist's job is to utilize the knowledge of various principles and concepts of science and engineering disciplines, in order to protect and preserve the environment. Environmental scientists also conduct research studies in order to develop theories or methods of abating and controlling the sources of envionmental pollution. So the major tasks performed by environmental scientists consists mainly of proactive and research-oriented work. It may involves tasks like:

·    Administrative Tasks
·    Advisory Tasks
·    Protective Tasks

Eligibility for Environmental Science

Environmental science is generally taugh as an MSc. programme and therefore a bachelor's degree in any discipline of science is an essentail prerequisite. However there are few institutions which offer envionmental subjects at the BSc. level.

Career Prospects

Environmental science graduates have multiple career options. They can work with different government departments and agencies like Forest and Environment, Pollution Control Boards, Urban planning, Industries, Water resources and Agriculture etc. Now NGOs working for environmental protection are a good option for environmental scientist. Private industries and firms also absorb a large chunk of environmental scientists to suggest proper methods and process. Waste treatment industries, refineries, distilleries, mines, fertilizer plants, food processing industries and textile mills employ environmental scientists. Environmental scientists also can be involved in research activities in public and private sector institutions. Environmental scientists also can seek employment in media as environment journalists. Teaching in collages, universities is also a good option available for environmental scientists.

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