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Personality Traits        

Biotechnologist should have high level of intelligence, ability to concentrate for long hours, an inquisitive mind, determination, perseverance, ability for teamwork, imagination, originality, a systematic and methodical approach, and requiring attention to minor details, objectivity, practicality, resourcefulness.

Also a prospective biotechnologist should have a scientific aptitude and a keen interest in the biological sciences. He should be methodical and patient by nature, able to work neatly and accurately and have a flair for laboratory work. The ability to work independently is another important aspect. Ability to use computers in work is very important. Biotechnologist needs certain skill of problem solving, information technology skill, analyzing and interpreting skills.


Entry in to this field is usually possible at the postgraduate level, although there are some undergraduate courses. Science students, especially those with biology, chemistry, physics or agriculture subjects would do well in biotechnology. However, in industry, biotechnologists with an engineering background are preferred.

There are following courses in Biotechnology

·    BSc. in Biotechnology
·    BTech in Biotechnology
·    Degree course in Biotechnology
·    Five year MTech in Biotechnology
·    Postgraduate (MSc.) courses in Biotechnology
·    Ph. D in Biotechnology
·    M.Sc. (Agriculture) Biotechnology
·    M.V.Sc. (Animal) Biotechnology
·    M.Tech. Biotechnology
·    M.Sc. / Veterinary Biotechnology
·    M.Sc. (Marine) Biotechnology
· Biomedical Engineering / Biotechnology

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