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Hotel Management

Hotel Management

The hotel industry promises a bright future for anyone who wishes to take up a career in this segment. The students opting for hotel management courses must have an affinity towards socializing and understanding the needs of the people. As Hotels falls under service industry, the motive of hotel management course is to provide the best services to the people. There are many hotel management institutes and colleges providing hospitality or hotel management courses. These hotel management courses make one aware of every operating-section of the hotel industry like front office, service keeping, catering, etc.

The Prospects

Besides working in hotels, hotel management diploma/degree holders have the following options:
·    Restaurant Management/Fast Food Joint Management
·    Club Management/Recreation & Health Centre Management
·    Cruise Ship Hotel Management
·    Hospital Administration and Catering
·    Institutional and Industrial Catering
·    Airline Catering and Cabin Services
·    Manufacturers and Suppliers of Hotel and Restaurant Equipment and Services
·    Hotel and Catering Institutes
·    Hotel and Tourism Associations
·    Catering Departments in banks and insurance houses
·    With government owned catering departments, for example railway, armed forces, ministerial conventions, etc.
·    In food, confectionery, beverage production industries.    


Hotel Management courses are usually of three-year duration leading to the grant of a diploma / degree but some degree courses are also of four years duration. Hotel Management courses at all institutes offer a blend of therotical and practical training. Students are given hands-on training in running of a hotel so that they can apply their tgeoretical learning to real-life situations and learn how to improve adapt. Courses in Hotel Management are

·    BHM - Bachelor of Hotel Management
·    DHM - Diploma in Hotel Management
·    BHMCT - Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
·    DHMCT - Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology
·    PGDHM - Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management

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