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IIT-Indian Institutes of Technology

India in the late 1940s, having just won independence through a non-violent and grass roots movement, was building a democratic nation that would provide all its citizens with the equal opportunities. In 1946, a committee was setup to explore setting up technical institutes of higher education for post-war industrial development of India and based on recommendation of the Sarkar Committee, the first Indian Institute of Technology was born in May 1950 in Kharagpur, West Bengal at the site of Hijli Detention camp. Four other campuses were subsequently founded at Bombay (1958), Madras (1959), Kanpur (1960) and Delhi (1961). In 1995, a sixth campus at Guwahati was added and most recently in 2001, a seventh campus was established by upgrading Roorkee University, one of India's oldest engineering institutions, into an IIT.

Today, IIT offers undergraduate, integrated postgraduate and postgraduate degrees in over 25 different engineering, technology and business/management disciplines. Today there are seven Indian Institutes of Technology (or IITs) offering bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in engineering, science, management and other disciplines. The IITs are also known for world-class research. Note that several new IITs have been approved by the Government of India in 2008. Some of the institutes have taken first year undergraduate admissions but the students are housed on the campuses of other IITs. Each of the new IIT's is being mentored by the nearest pre-existing IIT.

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