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Merchant Navy

A Merchant Navy offers commercial services unlike its military counterpart. It includes three types of fleets, namely cargo carriers, passenger liners and oil tankers as well as other special type of vehicles. The duties of a merchant navy officer are centered around three areas- the deck, the engine room and the service department. The captain, second officer, chief officer, third officer and several other officers constitute the deck officers. The engine room comprises engineers and the electrical officer while the service department focuses on the operations in the kitchen and other services. The option of traveling to far-flung places of interest and an adventurous journey on a ship makes a career in Merchant Navy lucrative notwithstanding the pain of staying away from one's family for long and the stress of the job. Interestingly enough, the recent past has witnessed entry of several women in the roles of radio officers as well as doctors in this field. You can pursue a career in this field by opting for the Merchant Navy Courses in India.

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