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Nanotechnology is a global phenomenon and rising field which spans across all the area of science and the technology. Molecular engineering is a technology, which related to scrutiny and creation of the minute objects and measuring between one to hundred nanometers. Nanotechnology is the application of engineering, science, and the technology for developing novel devices and materials in nano-range.

Nanometer is used for measuring very minute particles such as molecules or atoms. One nanometer equals one-billionth of meter. Nano materials are very small and are near about 50,000 times smaller than that of diameter of the human hair. These are very strong and effective in the chemical reaction even though they are very small. For making the weak material stronger, nano material may be mixed with that material and mixture becomes very stronger and effective. Examples of nano materials are diamond and carbon.

Nanotechnology is a extraordinary and unique branch and basically combines chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering. Nanotechnology is also referred as molecular manufacturing. It is related with the manufacturing and designing electronic circuits and the devices.This field is mostly popular in abroad, but now Indian industries also started to use this technology. In the India, Nanotechnology targeted to the main flow such as electronics, industrial products and healthcare markets. Scope for the nanotechnology is a tremendous and is one of greatest carrier option for the engineering graduates.

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