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In our day-to-day life pharmacists play an important role, as they are very much into research and manufacture of drugs. As a pharmacist.Thus, pharmacy is closely associated with scientific study. Pharmacy as a career option has always been in demand. India being a huge nation of about a billion populations, diseases both minor and major has been a curse upon the weak and the poor. In the previous centuries and almost till the middle of the 20th century killer diseases such as acute respiratory infections, diarrhoea, depression, tuberculosis, measles, anaemia etc have been affecting thousands every year. With the advancements in medical science most of these diseases have been brought under control, with the help of high powerful antibiotics and other life saving drugs. This is where pharmacy steps in to fill the void.

Pharmacists study the chemistry of drugs, their origin, procedures for drug development, their preparation, dispensing, their effects and eventual use for prevention and treatment of disease. The complexity of drug therapy and the dangers of drug abuse has brought into focus the need of pharmacists' special skills to maintain a rational approach in the realm of drug treatments.


After Class XII (PCM/B), the study of pharmacy is at the following levels – Diploma courses are of 2 years' duration, degree courses of 4 years' duration.
1.    After graduate degree in pharmacy, M Pharma course of 2 years' duration can b undertaken.
2.    Graduates in pharmacy can opt to do postgraduate study in biotechnology, particularly
       if they aspire to become research scientists.
3.    Diploma holders can find work work as technicians.
4.    Graduate pharmacists can opt for retail and hospital jobs.
5.    Postgraduates and doctorates are selected for research, production, quality control and management positions.

Those with B. Pharm and above can work in production section in pharmaceutical companies, product marketing, quality control, research, etc. They are also employed by large hospitals and research centres. There is a demand for pharmacists in western countries also, and many Indians have fared well in this field abroad.

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