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Chemistry, as a subject for higher study, requires a strong scientific base. Scientific work and study requires an above average mental ability, good grasp of scientific concepts, and a consistent and above average academic record. The scientists must have an analytical mind, interest in pursuing studies far beyond graduation, perseverance, hard work, a curious bent of mind and commitment towards work.

A career in any of the mathematical sciences, including mathematics, statistics, computer science, physical sciences, engineering and other mathematically oriented fields such as actuarial work (in insurance) or accounting requires an aptitude for mathematics. One should enjoy working with figures and solving problems. A mathematics student should become thoroughly familiar with the fundamentals of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Good computer proficiency is required. Interest in scientific phenomena, patience, perseverance, precision and tremendous inclination to search for real solutions is the strength of all physicists. The motivation for scientific work should be intense, as often, a sustained effort to pursue research is required. The ability to work with details is important.

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