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If a career in sports and physical fitness holds your fancy, there are three main options you can choose from. Pursue the sport or game on a full time basis generally with sponsorship from an employer/promoter Become a trainer/instructor/coach for a game or sporting event. Finally use the experience acquired over years as a sportsperson to work in a related field, such as, sports journalism, sports goods manufacture/marketing or as commentator. To be a sports person one needs to be physically fit, energetic and enthusiastic. If aspiring to become a trainer or manager, a graduate degree in physical education can be pursued after Class XII (any stream with physical education)

Personality Traits        

    * Sports persons are required to be energetic, enthusiastic and physically fit.
    * All professionals in this field must be absolutely committed to the profession and the game.
    * Coaches and instructors have several years of experience and training.
    * Patience, perseverance and a sporting spirit are required to excel.
    * In allied areas of work, communication and business skills are gaining importance and value.
    * A sportsperson's work needs psychomotor and physical conditioning.

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